I am a digital artist, creative consultant and executive producer with an extensive commercial and arts portfolio of cutting-edge, well-considered and highly-polished public digital projects.

In the few years since i found the nerve to call myself as an artist, i've produced works that I am (for the most part) proud of. All concerned with delicately combining digital technology with traditional art forms; such as mural, theatre, orchestra, dance, literature and opera.

My personal art practice is very important to me and unquestionably feeds into all other work I do. However it is formative and therefore flexible enough to not impact on potential full-time contract responsibilities. 

As a consultant and producer I most often work with creative agencies, public venues and arts organisations to help realise their particular digital media ambition. From single day on-site meetings and write-up to full campaign conception and oversight, I am able to provide unique insight into any stage of a campaign and provide help where needed.

This section consists mostly my own (ACE commissioned) artworks but also a few new-media collaborations, all delivered through arts funding. To view my commercial projects please see the Play Nicely section of this website.

scott fletcher

Specific site mixed reality installation with previously unreleased recording of Agatha Christie narrating her Poirot mystery via Microsoft HoloLens.

Audio-affected TiltBrush artworks created as experimental nightclub event with an acoustic band, DJ, CDJ + painter, dancers, boxer + VR performance at Lakota.

360° Interactive Narrative in a collaboration with Rubber Republic exploring the potential of comedy in 360° video.

Kinect installation and performance visuals for the Bristol Proms engaging classical music with cutting-edge digital experimentation.

HTML 5 online performance with National Theatre Wales exploring Laugharne - 'the strangest town in Wales'.

Live audio-reactive projection performance at Bristol Old Vic for the 2013 Digital Proms where animated sonnets were projected behind the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

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