In 2010 Ollie Lindsey, Phil Webster and Scott Fletcher joined forces and Play Nicely Ltd began establishing a portfolio of advanced digital media campaigns. Each time achieving incredibly high production values with unproven new technology and bespoke systems.


Close friends yet quite different people, we brought out the best in each others unique skills. This resulted in a portfolio of incredible variety and breadth using a mix of our full-time team members and contracted specialists. 

The untimely death of Phil in 2013 had a profound effect on the Play Nicely family. He was a fantastic man and a wonderful dad and we all loved him very much. Least importantly, he was easily the quickest most exquisite 3D/VFX practitioner myself or anyone i know has have ever worked with. He would have loved VR more than any of us...

From 2016 Play Nicely has exclusively worked on VR-MR-AR-360 experiences, with Scott producing bespoke teams of specialist collaborators to precisely match each project requirements.


The pages in this section detail Play Nicely's portfolio of projects, all either developed in-house or utilising Bristol's fantastic resource network.