After installing VR as live nightclub visuals at Lakota, of course the next step was to see how it would be received in a board-games cafe, namely Replay Bristol.

For one weekend in February, an entire...

Specific site mixed reality installation with previously unreleased recording of Agatha Christie narrating her Poirot mystery via Microsoft HoloLens.

Audio-affected TiltBrush artworks created as experimental nightclub event with an acoustic band, DJ, CDJ + painter, dancers, boxer + VR performance at Lakota.

Virtual reality BBC wildlife game about 'Oogie', a bug who sets out on a perilous journey across the South African desert. Developed for Oculus Rift.

iOS & Android augmented reality 'build your own village' advent calendar app developed for international brand Mondelez.

Virtual reality head gesture mini-game where the viewer is in the midst of an interrogation with the aim to ultimately escape. Developed for Oculus Rift & Gear VR.

Virtual reality R&D game prototype exploring an archaeological dig throughout the desert and an abandoned mine. Developed for HTC Vive.

Interactive Kinect installation for the foyer of the Wales Millennium Centre commemorating the 923 Royal Welsh Fusiliers who fell in Mametz Wood, Somme.

Exploratory 360° Video & Go-Pro footage of the Royal Opera House's world-renowned orchestra all featured as a video based web experience.

Interactive educational website for the 2016 production of Twelfth Night of the annual Playing Shakespeare series at the Globe Theatre.

Multi Sensory Projection Mapped Experience for BBC Worldwide's annual sales event which featured a compilation of BBC Natural History footage.

RFID integrated children's toy which allows its owner to interact with select museum exhibits to unlock extra information online.

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