Replay Nicely : VR games weekend

After installing VR as live nightclub visuals at Lakota, of course the next step was to see how it would be received in a board-games cafe, namely Replay Bristol.

For one weekend in February, an entirely new set of challenges were faced in appealing to an audience far removed from Lakota's all-night revellers. Downstairs in Replay, in place of table-football was a staffed VR room, offering a range of free VR experiences.

As before Tilt Brush (and similar drawing apps) provided the critical connection between the established activity for the space and the new one on offer. Whereas in Lakota, TiltBrush was used by artists to impress, in Replay it was used by the audience to express.

All experiences were delivered using HTC Vive, with apps from Steam or direct from Play Nicely's portfolio.