Attenborough Interview : projection mapped and scented auditorium

For a few days each year the BBC Worldwide host a unique sales event for the world’s top TV executives at the ACC in Liverpool, showcasing the best of British television to over 700 delegates from every corner of the globe. This year one of the most anticipated presentations was for the launch of Planet Earth II, which premiered clips from the new series as part of a discussion between Louis Theroux and Sir David Attenborough.

BBC Worldwide asked us to turn the thousand seat auditorium into an immersive environment for their audience. Our response was to cover both multi-storey walls and the ceiling with a projected compilation of BBC Natural History footage from the last ten years. This was accompanied by 5.1 sound effects and score, then perhaps most uniquely we used a scent machine to add another sense to the immersion. As dealing with such a vast space we contacted SXS Entertainment and used their great team and cutting edge equipment to help deliver a seamless multi-sensory performance.

A big thank you must also go to BBC Earth Productions’ Simon Baxter who worked tirelessly with us to bring everything together.