Moved by Conflict : WW1 interactive memorial experience

Moved by Conflict explored the physical, personal and social changes caused by the War. Three digital experiences brought the cost of the War more vividly to life:

At the entrance to the exhibition ‘White City’ were two bespoke videos showing Melly Still’s WW1 characters in 1914, as yet unaffected by the war.

An interactive bureau used RFIDs and a Raspberry Pi to allow visitors to browse through letters sent home from the front. If the visitor placed a letter in the middle of the bureau, a phone rang and the letter was read to the visitor.

Public Remembrance directly related viewers to the human cost of war. The viewer typed their surname on a touchscreen, which triggered a realtime animation showing the number of people who died as a result of WW1, how many died with the visitor's surname and how many of those came from Bristol. The animation is reverential and sensitive, invoking a sense of loss.