The Man Who Disappeared Up His Own Arse : 360° Interactive Narrative

Late last year we were asked by Rubber Republic to collaborate on exploring the potential of comedy in 360° video. By virtue of the sheer ambition of the project, we leapt at the offer.

‘The Man Who Disappeared Up His Own Arse’ is a story about the internal conflict of an egomaniac as he’s forced to acknowledge his personal/social flaws. Scheduled for release in April (in time for VRWC), our interactive narrative puts you in the egomaniac’s POV to guide him towards the light - literally and metaphorically.

The knowledge we have accrued in the technology of 360° and our history of interactive experiences are the perfect compliment to their scripting, shooting and filmmaking mastery. Results so far are incredibly positive but it is still too early to call it a success as we continue to be driven by the fascinating challenges that come with combining our respective skill sets.

Delegates at this year’s VRUK were the first to see the 360° comedy’s trailer and accompanied talk on the enjoyable lessons both Rubber and ourselves have learned and the value to our commercial endeavours.