VRchaeology : virtual archaeological adventure

An HTC Vive game exploring an archaeological dig from years gone by.

The game begins with the player alone in a dusty southwestern desert. Their first task is to detonate the explosives in a long-abandoned mine, using the plunger in front of them to reveal the blocked entrance.

After the explosion, the player has to clear the rubble and aged barricades in order to gain access to the mine. Rocks tumble realistically and planks splinter, both effected by dynamic physics.

Once in the mine, players are able to use a trowel, brush and forceps to delicately dig for bones and artefacts. Each tool has a different purpose in the dig and are effective on against different surfaces. The dark scene is illuminated by a lantern which must be carried by the player.

Already exhibited at VRWC and invited to EAA2018, there are plans to extend the game further so please get in touch if you would like to know more.