VR vs. DJ : live audio-reactive TiltBrush visuals

Since May 2017, Room 4, Lakota has been the adopted home for the more ambitious scottboxx and Play Nicely projects. 'VR vs. DJ' launched the collaboration while testing the technology's limitations, artistic merit and audience response.

As part of Lakota's Love Saves The Day closing party, a VR stage and projection mapped walls, floor and bar were created for an eclectic mix of physical artists to use TiltBrush as an expression of their movement. So dancer's created intersecting vortexes that the boxer punctuated with sharp angles and fast swipes.

A unique and central aspect of the performance was for the brush strokes to also represent the acoustic signature of the live music. So as an artist painted each virtual brushstroke, the strokes would animate or illuminate in different ways to match the live audio input.

The evolving VR artwork was projected into the room as visuals, which is to say they were seen by the crowd not just those in the headset. The night was success and the experience immensely valuable and rare. The relationship it has cemented with Lakota will soon lead to even more ambitious events being announced.