fabulous wonder.land : VR, AR and Kinect installation

Play Nicely have collaborated with the National Theatre and 59 Productions to create a suite of otherworldly experiences for enter wonder.land, an exhibition accompanying the wonder.land musical. Inspired by Lewis Carroll’s iconic story, wonder.land explores the blurred boundaries between our online and offline lives.

The central piece to enter wonder.land is our VR installation, fabulous wonder.land which can be thought of as a VR music video, experienced through Oculus Rift. Audiences explore the extraordinary 360° landscape of wonder.land as all around them the hypnotic garden scene sways and pulses to the sound of fabulous, one of Damon Albarn’s compositions from the performance.

Looking up they see the Cheshire cat, floating majestically as if conducting their abstract circumference of content. This multi-coloured, wildly imaginative virtual landscape extends the already extraordinary performance assets by placing the audience in the centre of an interactive immersion lasting a little under five minutes.